Winter League and Junior Fundraiser

First Junior Winter League players of 2018 with their supporters. 
Following the first Junior Winter League of 2018, players, family and supporters drew the winners for the Junior Winter Fundraiser.  Congratulations to 1st prize winner Wayne Mundy pictured with Club Captains Alan & Angela, Junior JLO, Steve Goodwin & Sue Wright. Congratulations to all winners and thanks to everyone for their support.   


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Junior Championship Gross (Ewbank Trophy)       Niall Bennison

                   Runner up                                                Lewis Goodwin

Junior Championship Nett (Kirby Hewitt)                George Hall

                   Runner up                                                Ben Mawson

Latner Cup                                                                 Kristian Marr

Gladys Holliday Centenary                                      Ben Mawson

                   Runner up                                                Joe Tweddall

Committee Cup                                                          Kristian Marr

                   Runner up                                                Cameron Hamilton

Harry Coulthard                                                         Kristian Marr

                   Runner up                                                Cameron Hamilton

Junior competitions 2018

All competitions will be bookable through How Did I Do or on the PSI in the club house 14 days prior to the competition. Entry fees are £2 per head payable at the pro’s shop.

April Medal    15th April

Gladys Holliday memorial trophy 12th May Singles Stableford

May Medal    19th May

June Medal    10th June

Junior Championship   8th July

July Medal    21st July

August Medal    5th August

Joe Tallentire    11th August Singles Par

Latner cup    1st September

September Medal   9th September

The Harry Coulthard trophy is awarded to the Junior with the 3 best gross scores in the medals and the Committee Cup for the 4 best nett scores in the medals.

Captains weekend is 23rd – 24th June and there is usually a Junior Singles competition non-qualifying for handicap.

Our Junior Open will be Saturday 28th July (R2R). Booking can be done via the pro’s shop, through Golf empire or BRS.

Contact Numbers

Junior Liaison Officer:                             Stephen Goodwin  07766475577    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Junior Team Manager:                             George Hall           07712603917

Junior Beginners’ Mentor:                      

Welfare officer:                                         Jason Budd           07712549609

NSPCC Child Protection Unit in Sport:  0116 234 7224

Childline UK:                                            08001111